2016 - may - free wallpaper - vittvittvitt flowers - mockup - CHANCE

This month your free wallpaper is extra beautiful thanks to Malin N and her gorgeous photography over on Instagram @vittvittvitt. Start following her and you too will swoon over the imagery she captures – minimal neutral tones, simple elegant spaces and attention for detail. I’d love to call any of her photos home. May sees us stepping into the middle … Read more


2016 - april - free wallpaper - ocean - mockup - CHANCE

This months desktop wallpaper is all about inducing a sense of calm, tranquility and focus on one thing as we embark on Quarter 2. Photographer Billy Lam has captured it beautifully in this ocean scene with calm muted tones, and gentle haze… so evocative you can almost smell the crisp misty air. Three months into 2016 already, … Read more


2016 - march - free wallpaper - marble - mockup - CHANCE

Your desktop wants to look prettier than it is – How about you jazz it up with this free Wallpaper complete with a simple quick glance calendar along the bottom. works beautifully on Mac and PC. Enjoy! Download it free HERE   Chance ox PS: Post a picture of your new wallpaper over on my FB Page or Instagram, … Read more


2016 - to do - mockup - PIN POST

To Do List – A4 & US Letter sizes – Print a bunch of copies, clip together and use this them as a notepad or to add to your planner. Hope you love it! SHOP NOW: Scandinavian inspired Day Planners, Weekly Planners, Blank Monthly Calendars, To do Lists, Notes and more. Download and print … Read more


2016 - post image - flash sale 50 off - SM - CHANCE

Shop my Etsy store now – My full range of printable planners are now half price! I’m not sure how long I’ll keep the sale available, so hurry before I realise how bonkers this is. SHOP NOW: Share this sale with your friends so they can get on this deal too. Scandinavian inspired Day Planners, … Read more

free money tracker

2016 - money tracker - mockup - PIN POST

Inspired by Denise Duffield-Thomas‘ message on how to become a Rich Lucky Bitch I’ve been implementing many of her fabulous straight to the point, down to business strategies and they are working an absolute treat! Thanks Denise! By far my latest new habit of tracking all the money that comes to me every day has made … Read more

You’re not fooling anyone. How to start on your vision now, not one day.

2016 CLM Website START TODAY POST Banner

If there’s something you want to make happen but you’re putting it off because it’s: △ Not the right time △ Can’t afford it △ Don’t have enough time △ Don’t think the market is ready yet △ Want to think about it more first △ Or some other gosh darn excuse Then if you … Read more

10 Minute Exercise for your Soul


More and more articles, books and my Facebook news feed are encouraging me to follow my Soul’s Song, my Soul’s Mission, or my Divine Purpose. Ok great, I’m down for that, we all want to do more of what we love and less of what we don’t, but where is the rest of the paragraph … Read more